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Jesse Moore

Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Leader, and Entry-Level Dad



The hype about data science is real, the execution behind it is not.
I help companies bridge the gap.


  • 2011-2012 - Graduated Mechanical Engineering and managed projects @ ExxonMobil Canada
  • 2012 - Moved to Australia (Canada was cold)
  • 2012/2015 - Managed more projects @ Senex Energy (Building things was fun)

  • 2015

  • 2015 - Travelled the world while building trading models and dashboards for the stock market
  • 2015/2017 - Began writing about financial markets @ Seeking Alpha

  • 2016

  • 2016 - Broke a quarter of a million views and became an Expert-Contributor at Seeking Alpha
  • 2016 - Moved to Hamburg, Germany and started a data science consultancy
  • 2016/2017 - Worked for great companies and with great people (Zalando, Dreamtalents, Sigma News)

  • 2017

  • 2017 - Married my beautiful wife, Irena, on a small island in Denmark
  • 2017 - Moved to Sofia, Bulgaria and met a pair of fascinating entrepeneurs from the UK and Norway whom invited me to run their hedge-fund turned technology startup, Sigmai

  • 2018

  • 2018 - Became a father (Had no idea what I was doing)
  • 2018 - Built some powerful Natural Language Processing tech at Sigmai with some amazing data scientists, engineers and linguists
  • 2018 - Started selling that technology to hedge-funds and media companies
  • 2018 - Sigmai was aquired by Commetric, with the technology being used to help major global brands and fortune 500 companies understand how communcation effects share price.
  • Now - Consulting, advising startups and working on data science projects (and still trying to figure out that dad thing)


Finding useful information in messy data - Building machine learning products - Deep Learning for NLP - Solving open problems - Building data applications - Cutting straight to the meaningful parts

Projects and Applications - Link

2018 CODie SIIA Finalist

Newsful is a demonstration of Sigmai's cutting edge Natural Language Processing System. A hybrid approach that delivers very high precision and recall. Newsful gives consumers access to our technology in a way only quant funds have before.

NHL Analytics

NHL Analytics is a project to predict the outcome of NHL Hockey games before they happen. The benchmark test is against Pinnacle, the best sports betting company in the world. The NHL Analytics algorithm is proven to beat the odds on 55% of days during the hockey season, providing a low risk ROI of 400% - 600% per year.

A commercial product is in production for release in Q1-2020

Market Option Mispricing Model

Application for scraping and analyzing Australian options that looked for mispricing between implied volatility and predicted volatility for primarily oil and gas companies.

Predicted volatility was found using a combination of market data, oil stock and futures, news and discussion forums.


Head of Data Science (Contract)- Mobilads, Inc

Dec 2018 - Present

Responsible for the construction and optimization of a geospatial system that maps physical ad impressions based on vehicle GPS data and mobile GPS data. This system was successfully built to operate worldwide and built to scale to thousands of vehicles and billions of GPS points.

Chief Executive Officer - Sigmai Limited

February 2018 - February 2019

Sigmai’s proprietary technology enabled our customers to simultaenously monitor over 3500 companies for market moving information

Strategic Advisor- Damocles Analytics

July 2018 - Present

Next generation platform that automates profiling of public figures, finds connections between world events, their opinion and actions, drawing from personality, emotional and thinking patterns.

Data Scientist - Consultant

October 2016 - March 2018

  • Sigmai Limited - Chief Data Scientist
    Deep learning focused on text classification. LSTMs, Attention, GRUs, CNNs. Statistical methods and building of a small data science team.
  • Dreamtalents (Meditalente)
    Analyze data to inform decision-making. Visualisations and planning of operational implementations. Developed end to end machine learning on Google Cloud (Dataprep, App Engine, Container Engine, Bigquery, ML Engine, Tensorflow, Datalab, Datastudio)
  • Zalando
    Tasked with analysing and interpreting large databases to inform marketing campaigns, analyse products, and improve decision making. Worked with product ownership teams to understand their problems, propose solutions, and then deliver.
    Python, Spark, R, Google Cloud, AWS and other tools to inform marketing campaigns, analyze products.

Expert Commodities Contributor- Seeking Alpha

November 2015 - September 2017

Analysed and wrote research articles and opinion pieces on companies, markets, macro economic events, and commodities. Achieved over 2000 followers and 300,000 page views


B.Sc - Mechanical Engineering- University of Alberta

2007 - 2012

An unreasonable amount of math, an amazing group of classmates and a fascination for computational methods, finite element analysis, and computational fluid dynamics.


Craig Cook - CEO @ Mobilads

Jesse came on board at mobilads as a part-time data scientist, but after quickly showing his skills we wanted to bring him on full-time. He's shown his ability to think creatively and strategically to fit his skill-set into what would most benefit mobilads in the long-term, and has treated mobilads as if it was his own company.

He continues to deliver what is expected and beyond, including new ideas and ways to attribute our data and GPS into something useable by clients and agencies.

Because he ran his own company (as a CEO), he's able to incorporate his ideas into the overall business plan for our company, something a lot consultants are not able to do, and something I've personally been very impressed by.

I highly recommend Jesse as an employee, consultant, and/or advisor with any project or company and as it relates to data science.

Chris Shaw - CEO @ Commetric

Jesse has a very special combination of deep knowledge of data science and machine learning combined with very strong executive leadership skills all capped off with superb presentation skills. He's taken Sigmai from a disparate set of data components and NLP to a cutting edge data science company that is ready to shake up the Alternative Data market.

Scott Henderson - Business Dev Manager @ Sigmai

Jesse’s motivation and drive are second to no manager I have worked for in the past. I don't know where he found the energy to lead Sigmai's development of cutting-edge technology, prepare for investor and sales meetings with incredible diligence, and reflect on corporate strategy, all in a day's work.

Working under Jesse’s self-reflective leadership style was also incredibly refreshing and enabled rapid personal development. Every week Jesse identified areas where his performance in business development, data science, and human resource roles could be improved. This example allowed him to hold his employees to the same standard. Everyone felt comfortable identifying and addressing uncomfortable truths whenever they arose.

Above all, Jesse never passed off responsibility for mistakes or failures to those working for him. He shared the successes with his team and understood that disappointments and errors came back to him as the leader.

Gavin Smith - Project Manager @ Senex

I mentored and worked alongside Jesse for three years where he excelled in a project management position at an early stage in his career. Jesse’s ability to handle multiple concurrent projects, tackle new/unique challenges on a daily basis and quickly upskill in new subject areas stands testiment to his adaptibility and intellect.

Jesse was an excellent contributor and someone with the capability to tackle a range of complex problems, solve them methodically, and communicate results effectively. He was able to quickly grasp complex technical topics and maintained a deep understanding of business and the decision-making process and was able to identify process and operational risk.

Tobias Schlottke - Founder and CTO @ Multiple Startups

Jesse is a keen self-learner and a brilliant mind when it comes to understanding correlations in data.

He is interested in the data-side-challenges and spots them with ease. He is able to understand the problem in no time and present quick and simple solutions or complex models to tackle it by the core.